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This type of grand , high status in the Yamen , the official also said that he saw them ,  » the old man . » Their highest wages , but life is very « bitter . » According to the rules , they are not in contact with people outside the Yamen , is less bureaucratic people with little contact . They only took their dependents live in Yamen separate small yard, own up to their own isolation . The following case of an Executive Junior , if their office shrine Department and  » being Church » in a large courtyard with naturally also have their own daily life places. There    air jordan 13 cheap    is a separate shrine was built , and there were walls Hill . Ming Dynasty novel  » Xingshi » ninety-first back specifically mentioned Chengdu government officials push  also known as  » Xing Ting , » the junior officer in charge of Legal Advisors  Wu Yi and experiences  push officer ‘s officer in charge of sending and receiving text shifts and Seal  Di Xi Chen in the organs of the courtyard of the family life. Dixi Chen  » Ya homes to live with that Xingting tightly next to each other, fart , we are heard . » Coincidentally Di experience brought to the concubines Tong Ren sister were sent to fight the devil down her husband , Wu officials push for more in Neiya lady force to suppress her husband King .

At first season, send sister afraid Xingting care about , not very evil ; Great Grandma afraid Di experienced family joke, very unwilling to act violently . Until listened to , one is half a catty , one is eighty-two , you can not say that I’m bald , I laughed not blind you . Sometimes Wu pushed government office in suffering, there Dixi Chen listened praise ; sometimes Dixi Chen Yali beaten , Miss air jordan spizike cheap  officials push listened sad ; sometimes push the officer, together with the experience of suffering , pushing grandmother both official and experience evil : That is really Roar of the sound, Shan-ming Gu Ying , I am your advocate with .ubsequent Wu officials push for henpecked affected the work was made ​​fun of several leaders , then with junior colleagues discuss miscellaneous not overwhelming westerly wind is westerly wind overwhelming family problems , a medical officer told him you such families violence in our bodies large yard , almost everyone has .

Classroom magistrate  ie top-level officials  nor is it a fear of people inside , the collision between the summer too Grandma, Grandma was too slap in the nose , playing cross the blood stream , and then could not stop and hurriedly called a medical officer to the rule , many donkey dung burned blowing the nose , temporarily stop , and to restrain epistaxis has become the disease, according to the day of expositions . How cynical can also get classic ? Army hall Hu Ye is also often beaten by her grandmother and no place to escape, Punta hisair jordan 5 online  head, barefoot, sitting out to the classroom . Food hall Tong Ye ‘s grandmother is interested . Tong Ye hiding in the classroom , the grandmother will come out of the church would have to OK law teachings. Book Office, Siemens , deft , Zaoli , kneeling full two Dan Chi , Tong Ye pleading for his life for .

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