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air jordna spizike retro 2013 of the absurdity

Scholar ‘ Mengchi poison , all kinds of poison stagnation in vivo , and the most beer-guzzling  see  » How to live a more important question is « chapter  , drugs and alcohol in the dual stimulation, made ​​a number of bizarre move, now that the younger generation can no par . Chinese history , there was never a dynastic elite scholars like Wei and Jin dynasties , as close to the western hippies .The celebrities Wang Jin Chen , born in Lang Ya Wang , prominent , more so over the top governor of Jingzhou critical positions. But is such a high-ranking officials  air jordna spizike retro 2013 of the absurdity of their actions , even punk band members will be dumbfounded. Lao Zhangren relatives of this person ‘s death , he went to condole with a friend . Lao Zhangren being cried , and he and a dozen friends actually stripped naked essence , my hair break into , around a dozen people Laozhang Ren Wang Chen walked three times. The Lao Zhangren being sad occasion , I suddenly see a dozen in -law , led light Ding circling around themselves , their horror angry imagined.

Wang Chen ‘s behavior is absurd wild, Zhou ‘s behavior can only thrive with a wild desire to describe . Senior officials of the Eastern Jin Dynasty Zhou , ranking chancery Pushe  Deputy Prime Minister level  of the post . Dun great general was very afraid of him, and saw him on the tension , a tension on the sweat , just ran into weeks , even if it is winter, but also holding a fan WangDui fierce fan . Later, Wang Dunbing variable success , to death. Weeks before his death , yells :  » God has eyes , quick kill WangDui ah !  » Escorting him poke his mouth with a halberd , blood flowed from his mouth heel weeks still look the same , may be met with the person is not a mediocrity .Is this impassioned weeks , but have air jordan retro cheap made absurd things. Book  ministerial level  Ji Zhan court officials were invited to the guest house , during his concubine call to everyone singing and dancing . Others look at dance, praise a few bad enough, but weeks actually hath departed big move , under the watchful eyes suddenly undressed in front of people rushed to her husband’s face would rape the woman . Everyone saw this terrible ? The moment he hold tightly together , this did not succeed . The dead shameless acts , if not in the wine and the dual role of drugs will probably not occur .

Scholars in Wei and Jin Dynasties such absurd behavior , all comes down to not much poison and wine at the fair , this behavior is more of a self-indulgent cynicism and mixed variants , poison and wine just to release a pretext. Many people are under the guise of alcohol and drugs , driving them is truly wild commotion mind . Confucian Confucianism has been set aside , life and death, transformation  air jordan 4 retro shoes and knowledge too hastily , what can not be done ? What it is forbidden ? These scholars to meet the material can easily get the mind but in such a vast space. Self was released , but nowhere relying on vast wander freely between heaven and earth . Someone looking for their soul to their homes , while others completely lost .

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