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According to Ge Hong ‘s argument, nor guests meet each other a cold temperature , guests come in and called :  » Where is the old stuff ?  » Master immediately replied : « You old dog come ?  » Did not say hello , everyone says his old-fashioned , and he does not exchange . Greeting was over, the following is together, it was publicly feet , some place to pee . These men and women who are not  nike air max 2013 shoes sale suspected of scruples , people tend to go out into the chamber directly Chuang , wanton appreciate other people’s wives , his mouth sloppy on their posture and face big plus reviews, no respect for the meaning. Some concubines hiding, these people actually openly search and found it dragged out to watch. Although the owner embarrassing , but it was habit so, if to be blocked, pour yourself seem stingy . Sex party is just an enhanced version of this gathering . These women come out tasting deadlift mainly as a man of course , but it does illustrate the prevailing liberal sexual attitudes .

We are naturally hard to believe that it was a social etiquette is true , but certainly not saying Gehong wall space to create . Here’s another example that can help us to understand the culture of that time . Wang Rong, once went to visit her daughter -in-law  that is to borrow money to return eventually becoming so enraged pair in which Rong  , go too soon , people are still sleeping in the bedroom . He would break directly to the bedroom , his daughter -in-law stuck in bed, I do not quite understand the intent . Daughter -in-law to see Rong waited at the air jrodan 11 for sale bedside , and interest to watch the two of them , nor embarrassment. Daughter out of bed from the north , from the south -law out of bed , local hospitality Rong , his face calm is no different. Such circumstances , even in the modern view , will feel quite strange , that this is not too serious Lao Zhangren . So to infer , is also wanted to say Gehong reliable.

Some people think that this is an ancient sex party sexual liberation , in fact, and true sexual liberation movement entirely not the same thing . Those willing concubine exposed under a large crowd , were they willing to commit adultery, which in their eyes are not the problem, the unequal status of party, but a naked sexual abuse only.Masters of slaves , concubines have complete control over the children of the nobility who can take power from fully realize their sexual fantasies, without scruples each other’s feelings . Shichong home Guang concubine , he Burnt inflicted powder , thickly sprinkled on the bed, as earthen scales, then let his favorite concubines in bed walking trail relatively light , he air jordan 13 for sale was bestowed Shichong pearls, heavier footprint , Shichong he ordered to give them to eat less , forced to lose weight. Obviously, Shichong prefer a more skinny women , so he forced a woman to meet your own taste. His sexual aesthetic trends and modern indeed quite consistent , but his act is totally ignoring the wishes of the other overbearing behavior .

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