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Wei Ye Xiaokuan send spies to the rumors :  » one hundred liters fly overhead , the moon shines Chang’an . » ,  » Alpine not push from collapse , oak wood does not help bootstrap . » Ancestral writing : « blind husband back by the ax , rap mother no words .  » Lu Xuan Please make ancestral explanation, he joked: » one hundred liters is Gok , the moon is Hulv light of the word, my husband is blind , rap mother refers to you .  » Cushman & Wakefield listened to did not answer , the prime minister received a government Zuo Feng who let the light fabrication nike air max 90 em cheap Hulv secret report to intimidate the emperor , he Hehong Zhen said : « The heart is sensitive to it, I suspect Hulv light to rebel , really do not leave . » Zu said: « The emperor gave horse , indicating day tour the island, called him ride this horse peers. thank him , twenty-three warrior on the results of his .  » latitude to do so, Hulv light into Xie , to cool hall dismount walk , someone jumps , thanks to his big feet fresh , recalled Liu peach branches glower standing , then shouted: « How do you practice doing this, that I do not owe state . » trio he threw himself with a bow trap neck , strangled him .

Qi Master slander Hulv light rebellion, ordered his son committed suicide ; younger son Hulv Zhong teens, then avoid death . Langguan Xing Zuxin go raid , was bow fifteen , one hundred feast archery , knife seven , thanks lance two . Zu yelled: « What else ?  » Xing Zuxin shouted : « There are twenty jujube rod bundle , I heard that for disposal of slaves , slaves who commit crimes Sidou , playing one hundred stick . » Ancestral ashamed said softly : « The court has heavier punishment, why he is also playing it !  » Xing Zuxin very sad : « I regret a good prime nike air max 2013 mens  for the country !  » Xing Zuxin blame others too upright, he said: « The prime minister is innocent virtuous dead, I’m afraid what is it ! Qi so that okrug kill Hulv light firstborn Hulv Wudu , the leader Heba volts grace to catch Hulv envy , Hulv envy said:  » Imperial envoy how can I resist ?  » He laments the provisional sentence : « the rich to this stage female for the Queen , Princess full house , Heaven hate full, how can we not decline ! « he calmly wrath, five sons were dead . In addition to Lu Xuan mother and progenitor Jiandang so outside , all innocence . Wei Xiaokuan telegraph , Zhou Lord also overjoyed.

Cushman & Wakefield ‘s deposed Queen Hulv , moved to another house . Empress Dowager Hu called up his brother Hu Changren female, she has a pretty neat assertive , body grow numb , called Zhao Yi . Mu Sheli born Cohen , established as a crown prince. Empress Dowager Hu gift and land to make good things worshiped Xuan sister , Lu Zu make recommendations Qi Xuan and master , Li Hu air jordan 11 low cheap Zhaoyi for the Queen . Hu Dayi Queen Mother filed , Cushman & Wakefield back to the Queen Mother and cherished .Mufti feminine cunning people complain foster mother Lu make Xuan, said she was not mother and daughter . Cushman & Wakefield to Mu ‘s bedroom , she half- hi reproachful . He said:  » I ​​do not know what is wrong with the Queen , pour crazy not insane , and I want to see her !  » Moody ‘s thought is the mother played a role. Lu Xuan asked the emperor to make : « the world is a child of Prince Edward , Female Slaves do what ? « 

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