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Everyone looked at the upper side too Rao free . Runners with offenders , children should be responsible for his father several times, and he also intrinsic and said:  » a certain day , grandma to revenge in class master , who is also a small deficit with classic supplicate repeatedly , begging to read micro- power , no matter which excuse times .  » Tong Ye also had nothing will . Although it is somewhat henpecked master , nor was my grandmother broke his nose , nor was my grandmother played classroom , without seeking runners on behalf of said  nike air max 90 womens human, how comes in classic joke ? Worked Yamen ‘s Outpost book to do the like, it is maintained according to the provisions in the judgment hall. Not countries intend to take care of their lives, but for preventing them from leaking out of bureaucratic corruption considerations. This is when the prevailing system of Han and Tang Dynasties , « Motherhood » said House Making in Lujiang When Xiaoli , only to get home when on vacation with his wife Lanzhi reunion, is a case in point.

Scribes their quarters , mostly covered in Yamen south lobby , instrument within the door sides. Ming Jiajing  » Jiangyin county » records county government establishment, called  » Various Opinions on Clerk Home Cottage House Gallery is disaggregated six homes after « , there is a certain representation . Also Jiajing  » Nanning Prefecture » Volume 4, wherein the government-owned Xuanhua , Wu Yuan , Wang Chau , Yong Chun , Shangsi , Longan County, a total of two states four Yamen building , more than a « Officials homes » one , should be seen Outpost live organ dormitories, or a common phenomenon in the Ming Dynasty . Outpost many  nike air max 2013 cheap  quarters , about the same number in the series about the Outpost . If Wanli  » Camp Hill County, » county government building Total Volume 2 remember « Officials homes twenty-two  » in order to live three to four people each count , calculate the bureaucratic establishment about seven or ten in the Outpost . Koji  » Jurong County » Volume 2 remember the Yamen building , officials have 40 homes , then the number of officials in the series can be one hundred forty fifty people Generalizability it.

Outpost quarters , many homes in the folder location , living conditions are much worse than Neiya . If Masanori  » Xinxiang County » Volume 2 Government Office of the officials said the county homes , « wall does not shoulder , Mao does not blot out the sun , » unbearable who  » have great marketplace of strangers , » but it has violated the non Outpost outside in Ya accommodation system. Later, the arrival of the new magistrate ,  » Sui Fei site, construct new homes . Cum- meter, seven ; to a meter, sixty six , very perfect . » For Outpost concerned, this is the  air jordan 11 retro men’s  life hit a good leader subordinate interest ; right leadership , the rules and regulations are implemented at the same time , the so-called best of both worlds . But the system is to write something on paper , whether effective compliance is another. For example,  » Water Margin  » in the Song Jiang , not just in the  » Lane County within the discussion of a building , » the one with the wife’s mother nurturing Xiaomi Yan Poxi do ? Later his colleague Zhang Yan Poxi far and also on the Water,  » gluey , Days and nights ,  » is a good Yasi unruly !

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